Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mama Fashionista: I'm Out

Just when I mastered the "winged eye liner look", I have been informed by fashion magazines that it is officially "out" with the spring season. In its place is the smudged, metallic bronze liner that always makes me look like I'm either heavily medicated or in a relationship that has Oprah telling me "Love doesn't hurt."

Needless to say....I just can't pull it off. In addition, I am still refusing to wear the gladiator sandals that stubbornly remain on the "In" list, as well as the maxi dresses that show no love for short people.

What I am excited about are the flowy tops, flattering wedge sandals, and the cute shorts that can be dressy.

FYI: Since it applies to so many of you, feathers are officially OUT.


Julie Weaver said...

The heroine sheek look has never been my friend either unless I'm about to strut down the runway on
7th Ave. Oh,'s me, not Giselle. Hehehe.

I'm not a fan of the gladiator sandal either...there's a reason why there are no more ancient Romans. I do however, love the maxi dress for a quick easy summer look. We shorties (under 5'5) can get away with it if we choose a simple monochromatic color scheme or simple color blocking please! The dress can't be too flowy and shouldn't swallow you up in fabric...the right maxi can actually give the illusion of being taller.

As far as the flowy tops go, ok, but if anyone asks when I'm due they may get knocked in the teeth!

Oh, and now what the hell am I going to do with that emu boa I purchased last fall!!!

Julie Weaver said...

Ya know I meant chic...I'm sleep deprived and can't spell anything.,

Anonymous said...

Are capri's still in??


Samantha said...

I will stubbornly continue to wear my capris either way. :)