Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For the Love of Sleep: The Results Are In

So I cut his nap short by almost an hour, I put him down at regular time, and I made certain that any other factors that may result in an early rising were averted (e.g. leaky diaper, hungry tummy, etc.) Barring an extra tooth or a tractor actually entering the house, there would be nothing other than his little clock that could lead to an early morning.

What I didn't expect was his sister's early rising. She who had no nap, went down with a full tummy and empty bladder, and by all accounts should have slept to at least 6:30, decided to begin her morning at 5:30.

She was quiet, she crept into our room, and she cozied up to wait for the mandatory 6:00 to appear on the clock before she's allowed to even think about going downstairs.

At 5:35 the tell-tale sound came from yonder crib on the other side of the house:

"Mama, Dada."

Now what?

Other than an entire pot of coffee and the momentary nervous breakdown?

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Samantha said...

I wish I had words of advice to help, but sadly, I do not. I can say only that I have been there, and that even though my kids have gotten a bit older, I continue to be there every late spring into summer as it gets light out earlier and earlier. I fear that I am mere weeks away from having to implement the familiar 6AM rule in our house as well. I feel for you.