Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Curious Incident of the Poop in the Slipper

Yesterday presented another great example of O's infamous tagline, "Mama, I've gotta tell the truth..." and, yes, it was a doozy. It involved a cast of characters (the least of which was poop) and a very aggravated mother who was prepared to call the CDC for a complete sterilization of the home until the truth presented itself and all was well.

So why not give you the details?

Well, I was all set to. I was typing away while watching American Idol, relaying each hysterical detail to our tales in excrement, when I watched one of the AI contestants, Megan Joy, make a complete fool out of herself.

Now, I get it, she's young and thinks it's better to pretend she doesn't care about the possibility of being voted off than confront the obvious rejection by viewers. However, I just kept thinking what her son would say when he is older and watches his mother behave like a moron.

Then I stopped typing.

Yes, I share a lot of family experiences on the blog, for good or for bad, but maybe I shouldn't share every one of them...especially the ones that may come back to them.

Everyone has that one jerk in her life who makes it his job to detract from his own miserable existence by constantly making fun of others. That person who never lets you forget that time you were running for the bus and tripped and fell in dog poop.

I know a lot of people who read this blog and I know that they are not the type of people to hammer my kids about something silly they did in the little years....but I also know not everyone is so nice.

So, when it comes to the stuff that might be really emabarassing (and isn't my embarassment...I'm happy to share), I think I'll keep some of that to myself.
No sense in lending material to the jerks who will use it against my precious ones when they're older.

But, boy oh boy, it was a doozy.

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