Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Votes Are In....

This week's poll asked which stage of your life you'd return to if you could do so with the knowledge you now have. The results were as definitive as they were expected.

First, no one chose early adolesence and the 'tweens. I'm guessing this has a lot to with the sunshine and rainbows that decorate childhood and the naivete of the pre-teen years...minus the awkwardness. I was actually tempted to go with the early years, just so I could be the playground phenom for a few years.

The Not So Early years and Middle Age also failed to garner any votes, which is also not surprising since most of us are either there, or new better when we were.

This leaves two choices: the teens and young adulthood with the former getting 75% of the votes, and the latter getting the remaining 25%.

I chose the teens simply because I would know not to care about so much of the stuff I was preoccupied with. I wouldn't care about what other people thought, or waste anytime acting a certain way with that in mind. As for my young adulthood, I would just go back to that since it was so much fun and I finally figured out how meaningless my teenage worries were.

So there it is......and on to this week's.

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