Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Of Course It Is....

Whenever I travel anywhere south of my home, I expect the weather to be a minimum of twenty degrees warmer; it should be some sort of law or something. A fw years ago (well before children) my husband and I travelled with a goup of friends to Las Vegas to ring in the New Year (when was I ever that wild?....I'll have to check with Bob Tuttle).

Anyway, as the plane landed on a runway amid the barren desert-scape, I was filled with anticipation over fun, a little gambling, dining, dancing, imbibing, and, of course, taking a break from the Philadelphia weather. Unfortunately, one expectation would be unfulfilled.


A quick tutorial from our cabby learned me in the actual, more seasonal climate of Las Vegas and I was not happy about it at all.

So now, when I head south to Florida, the Old Dominion, even the Shop Rite (which is technically 2.3 miles southeast of my home)...it better be warmer. And, based on this rule I have put upon Mother Nature, I also need to ask:

Why the HELL is it snowing in Virginia!!!!!!!

And of course I didn't bring snowsuits. That's right: cold weather, lots of snow, and children who are dying to get out and play in it.

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