Friday, January 30, 2009

One more thing....

While looking for a video to better allow me to get into the mind of the Octuplet mom, I came across this British news clip that claims the woman intends to breastfeed ALL OF THEM!!!!

It sounds like there's another maid in town and she can have the title.

Other reports are also sharing the news that, just a year ago, the woman had to file for bankruptcy and that is why she was initially living with her parents.

So, now this goes from a funny/absurd story to something more. How does someone who has such limited resources actively seek out another pregnancy when she already has six children she has difficulty supporting?


By the way....she became pregnant via sperm donor and is currently listed as a professional student.


Julie Weaver said...

How the heck did her physicians approve? Was the cost covered by medicaid? I understand not wanting to abort, I mean selectively reduce a couple of babies, but if she had 6 already and can't afford those? I'm appalled. Was there a sale or something? J.C.!

Stacey Lewis said...

I agree at being appalled! There is such a thing as actually caring for and guiding your children to live happy, well-adjusted, and mostly peaceful lives! Virtually impossible with that many children and without a parenting partner UGH!! The Duggars are a fluke, not the norm!! Obviously, she's unstable. As professionals, her doctors should have done something, ANYTHING!