Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trailer Talk

As I had previously posted, a rather significant construction project has been going on outside our home for the last few weeks and, as a result, my little man rarely leaves the front window.
In addition to this fascination, he has taken a real interest in books. This should come as no surprise since most toddlers begin to explore books at his age, with everything from lift-the-flaps to the old classics. What is interesting about this new fascination, however, is that he's only interested in reading three books:
Things That Go
Slide and Find: Trucks
Tractor: A John Deere book
And when I say that he is "interested" in these similarly themed books, I mean obsessed. He follows me around the house insisting, "Trucks, trucks, trucks."
It's gotten to the point that I cannot tie my own shoes (yes, I occasionally wear sneakers) without him shoving one of those books at me, and he is relentless.
Even more alarming, is his latest language burst. Up until now, he's been the typical boy in that, aside from "mama", "dada", and "woof woof", he does little else than grunt. He does not say ball, or baby, or even a full "bye bye" like many of his girlfriends do.
Instead he just says "truck", "tractor", "oh tractor", and "Uh eh cu ter", which we're pretty sure translates to "heliocopter".
Taking all of this into consideration, I can conclude two things:
1) I know exactly what Santa will be bringing my little guy.
2) For all the months I've spent caring for my little guy, I am now enjoying getting to know him.

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