Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Sometimes I feel like I am the only parent in the whole entire world not planning a trip to Disney for my family. I decided a long time ago that I wouldn't go near that place with my children until everyone was potty trained, off naps, and maybe even without the need for a stroller.

I know that will delay the vacation by at least two years, but I know myself and that's just the only way I'll manage with sanity in tact. I also want to wait until they are a little older so that they may really enjoy and remember the trillion dollar vacation we treated them to.

That being said, I was standing amidst the preschool moms, awaiting the release of the hounds, when the group was treated to a lengthy description of one family's recent trip. This was provided by the cool mom who never lets anything bother her, manages to keep her hair and clothes current, and really annoys the crap out of me. (I'm kidding about the last part....she seems nice, but I'd just like to see a wrinkly shirt every once in a while).

Anyway, in her lengthy retelling of all that they did, I can only remember one thing, as it shoocked me so much. If you are planning to rent a Disney double stroller for the day, expect to pony up.

For ONE DAY, the cost of renting a stroller (a necessity for many families who travel by plane) at Disney is: Thirty-one ridiculous dollars.



Abbie, Paul, Drew and Charlotte's Web said...

We loved our trip to Disney! We brought our own stroller and Drew was 17 mos old. He was still able to ride a lot of rides. He won't remember it, but we will. We are planning another trip in 2010 with all 4!

You HAVE to use a planning guide...there are several books on planning a Disney vaca and they even recommend using a stroller for 6 and 7 yr olds due to the amt of walking/sprinting through the parks. We did one park in the a.m took a break at the hotel for lunch naps and swimming and went to a different park in the late afternoon until we were DONE.

You could always check your stroller with the airline OR purchase a cheap one at Wal Mart in Orlando...and trust me $30/day is the least of your expenses at Disney!!

Anonymous said...

Christine..I am with you on waiting a few years to make that trip. My father was always a believer in that the kids need to be 5 years old to really enjoy, remember and have the strength to get through everything!


Melissa said...

Seems like you need a Ph.D to navigate all the different things the place has to offer. It might take you two years just to read up on it and decide what you want to visit while you're there!

I may be the only American who has NEVER been to Disney. It's just too daunting a project.