Tuesday, November 11, 2008

4 years of dating, 7 years of marriage....

You'd think I knew the guy.

As a couple who has been together for well over a decade, there are few things left to know about my husband other than the things I'd rather not (BC= Before Christine), so aside from the occasional childhood tale that resurfaces from our distant memory, there is little left to know that can be characterized as "new".

And then there's this.

Last night, while enjoying a lovely dinner, my husband unearthed a revelation that completely caught me off guard: He's never been on a roller coaster.

How could I not know that? And then I started thinking, surely we'd been on a ride before? But, no, aside from the rinky dink wooden one in Ocean City's wonderland pier, we had never been to an amusement park as a couple.

This Division 1 baseball player had never hurled a ball at milk bottles so that I may win an egregiously large, stuffed something.

Craziness....or an unconventional idea for our next anniversary.

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Abbie, Paul, Drew and Charlotte's Web said...

WOW! Must go to Seaside Hts and ride the Jet Star! I LOVE roller coasters! It's pretty basic, one good drop a lot of sharp turns and one loop-d-loop! Plus, it's over the edge of the pier, so when you're at the top there's an awesome view!