Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Game

In case you were watching Saturday night's phantastic Phillies game, you may have enjoyed the remarkable 1st inning home run by Pat Burrell that lasered out of the ball park.

As is custom at Citizens Bank, the home run brought on the ringing of the neon Liberty Bell, the screaming of overzealous fans, and some entertaining girations of the Philly Phanatic. It also brought on some pretty distinct cries from one of the fighting Phils littlest fans.

Saturday night marked the introduction of my children to a sports legacy that is pretty devout in their paternal heritage. My husband and his father are not just phairweather Phillies fans, but also collectors of memorabilia, retainers of statistics, and critiquers of every possible Phillies play, trade, and performance.

This was a big deal.

So with perfect weather, a convenient 4 o'clock start, and the 1st inning started off with lots of action in the Phillies favor, it had the makings of an ideal day. And it was!

Cotton candy, hot dogs, popcorn....sugar coma.

Both kids had a blast, which was highlighted by the appearance of the Phanatic in all his green glory.

The only moment of surprise came when my son, overwhelmed by the sheer cacophony** caused by the homerun celebration, started to cry.

Though it was just a quick, sad moment....there are a few possible reasons that may have accounted for it:

1) Crazy and loud fans are scary (at least it wasn't an Eagles game)
2) Too much sugar, too much fun.


3) Perhaps the realization of swearing allegiance to such a ball team'd cry too.

****cacophony--- look for a post on this word later

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Chris F said...

This happened to Abigail at Fenway Park when she was about 5 months old - baseball stadiums are just loud, confusing places for kids. But she thinks they're pretty neat now, especially when the Phanatic shows up.