Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beverly Hills 90210

The latest rumor about the return of 90210 is that not only will Kelly and Brenda return, but Kelly will also have a 4 year old son, who was fathered by Dylan.

Though Luke Perry had previously refuted any rumors that he would be a part of the cast, multiple, non-credible sources are suggesting he will appear at the end of the first season to try to be a father to his son and get back into Kelly's life.

Please let it be true, please let it be true.

I need more time to investigate what possibly went wrong with Luke Perry's eyebrow....six seasons in the 90s just wasn't enough.

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Amy M. said...

This is what I heard:
-Kelly is a guidance counselor at West Bevvie.
-Brenda is the drama coach there, and since she has come from London only TEMPORARILY to work at her alma mater she is rooming with Kelly (are you loving it yet?).
- I am eagerly awaiting to hear if Andrea (pronounced with an ahhhhn) is coming back with her husband and if she will cheat on him again with a doctor at the hospital where she volunteers. I was just watching that episode the other day, and if the affair was not horrifying enough, her in-laws were babysitting for her while she was at a motel with the "other man."