Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Equal Opportunity Offender

One of my latest challenges to tackle is trying to curtail my daughter's very loud and public proclamations of women she believes to be pregnant. Though not as frequent, I have yet to get through an outing without at least one "incident". My trick of making it a big secret and encouraging her to whisper the news has had some success, but sometimes her excitement just can't be contained.

For the most part, the women either have not heard or pretended not to, with only one saying, "Oh, ha ha ha."

So, I was contemplating sending out a general warning to all the women of the world, until yesterday's trip to the grocery store when I discovered that her offenses know no gender.

We were in the checkout lane and I was breathing a quiet sigh of relief as the two "impregnated" women my daughter outed seemed to have been out of earshot. As the groceries were tallied and my daughter munched away on some rice cakes from the front of the police car, I actually allowed myself to think that the worst may be behind us.

And then a middle aged man who is clearly a fan of beer hustled right by....

"Hey, Mommy! That man has a baby in his belly! That's amazing!"

Truly amazing...and entertaining, at least to the cashier and teenage bagger.

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