Monday, August 25, 2008


Congratulations to my partner in crime of yore, the Amazing Amy, who correctly identified this week's Guess Who? as Taliesin Jaffe. I know, I know...with such a common name you may not be quick to recall who this actor is, but he played Kenny (the blonde son) in Michael Keaton's magnum opus Mr. Mom.

Clearly, there is not a parent among us who hasn't had to experience a "woobie" like sit down with one of our darlings (and if you haven't had's coming), and this battle to overcome dependency is one of the most memorable parts of the movie.

Where is Taliesin now? Enjoying a very succesful career writing and directing anime for New Generation Pictures. Much like D&D, I have never remotely understood the interest in anime, but it remains a booming business and Taliesin is reeping the rewards.

**Also of note, Michael Keaton's other son in the movie, Alex, is played by Frederick Koehler, who went on to play Chip in one of my personal favorites...Kate and Allie. Unlike Taliesin (yes, I like to write his name), Frederick is still very active in various sitcoms.

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