Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ode to Shirley

As many of you know, famed photographer and friend, Shirley Magilton, spends one day each June (the birth month of both of my children) taking pictures of my little darlings. Three years in, my home is a gallery of redheads.

That being said, I just got the pictures back and, beyond comprehension, they are the best yet. I laughed, I cried, and I got an anxiety attack trying to figure out how I would choose which ones to order. Needless to say, the girl has a talent.

As I mentioned in the past, Shirley is also running a contest through her blog in which readers can nominate someone they think would really love the opportunity to have their loved ones captured through film. The session would be free and a credit will also be applied to the price of pictures. This is not only a wonderful chance to capture this moment in a life, but also a great example of someone choosing to share their talent and generous heart.

If you think you'd like to nominate someone, visit Shirley's blog at:

Entries are due put this weekend to good use!

And now, as a reward for Shirley's correct identification of Anna Chlumsky in last week's Guess Who?, a poem:

When we first met,

We were the girlfriends of guys,

Who'd grown up together,

Oh, the ties that bind.

She spoke fluent Spanish,

And harbored a creative spark,

That was wasted on mortgages,

Not yet honing her art.

With the passage of time,

Our meetings were rare,

Weddings and kid parties,

Meant no time to share.

But then came my O,

My oxygen, my air,

And I didn't want to miss moments,

Time's a tease when you suddenly care,

So I tracked down Shirley,

Who I'd heard found her knack,

For creating an art form,

Through the smallest of the pack.

And there it was:

A magician whose wand was a lens,

And I was instantly a devoted customer,

And now, finally, a devoted friend.

***Be on the lookout tomorrow for the next installment of Guess Who?

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