Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Watch American Idol: Feel Free to Hate on Me

Allison Iraheta: The background music didn't suit her rendition at all; and the overall performance was good. Having said that, if this was my first time seeing her I would have thought she was amazing....but I am used to her amazing now, but still my favorite. She MUST win!

Anoop: Still way too Lite FM, but supremely sweet. How can you not like this guy? Oh, no...don't point....he just pointed.

Adam Lambert: Fantastic vocals but I am still struggling with the self-love! Will he be the new Freddy Mercury? Perhaps....but I wouldn't by a record. I just get the phoney vibe (shout out to Holden Caulfield). I hated it.

Matt Giraud: John flipped to the Phillies game and I missed the beginning, but, does he have a cold? What's wrong with his voice? Not good.

Danny Gokey: Why am I tearing up??? Too sad, and sooooo beautiful. Jenny Garth is crying....oh hell!

Kris Allen: My favorite of the night by far!!!!! sweet and haunting- sometimes understated is everything. His best performance and further proof that his song deserved the Oscar (I posted it below).

Lil Rounds: Beginning was not great (like she was talking instead of singing), but I loved the gospelized version....a glimmer of her early Idol performances. She still may be in trouble because it still wasn't great.

My Top Three:

Allison Iraheta

Danny Gokey

Kris Allen

My Vote for See Ya:

I'm tempted to pick Matt Giraud, but I have to say Lil Rounds.

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Julie Weaver said...

Actually watched AI last night...loved this song! Oh, and even Abbie knows the lyrics to that Cars song...