Thursday, April 16, 2009

American Idol Results

I did something unbelievably crazy, at least for me: I applied reason in a decision and it worked!!!

Last night, my little miss was suffering from gravel voice and a scary cough, which led me to astutely hypothesize that she might be up throughout the night. Therefore, instead of staying up entirely too late (as is my practice....I need the me time even if I need sleep just as much), I fell asleep at 8:50.

And thank goodness.

Though O slept solidly until about 6:20 (a miracle in our house), my little man was up quite a bit with what I think is the emergence of his final tooth!

Needless to say, I am feeling good about my little case of reason, even if it did mean I missed the Idol results.

And how about those results? I awoke to learn that I was wrong to ignore my instincts since Matt Giraud did garner the least votes. However, since the judges finally used the gimmicky "Save" option, no one got voted off this week....leaving two to leave next week.

Should I be so bold as to go ahead and predict that Matt and Lil will go home next week, even before their performances might prevent that very occurence? What if Anoop picks some erratic, girating abomination of a song and throws the entire voting theory off.

It is Disco night....

I'll save my predictions for post-show Tuesday night.


Julie Weaver said...

You know I'll tune in for Disco!!!

Samantha said...

I do the same thing each night... stay up too late in order to have "me" time, that is; not watch Idol (I have nothing against it, just never got into it).