Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Milestone....Ugh

I got tantrum tag-teamed at the grocery store yesterday.

I am actually surprised it hasn't happened to me yet, but both kids had simultaneous meltdowns inside the police car cart while I was trying to manuever it down the check out line. O had NOT napped (remind me not to go grocery shopping after 4 on those days) and Joseph was feeling the wicked effects of candy withdrawal, which meant he was trying to reach for the stacks of gum while O was demanding to help load the food on the conveyer belt.

I was the mom everyone stares at and it had been awhile since that had happened.

I really didn't miss it either; those piteous eyes that are both judgemental and thankful at the same time. I came very close to shouting, "I'm kind of having a bad moment here, and your stares are not helping!"

But I didn't....instead I thanked the baggers for their swift work and tried my best to make a quick exit despite the squeaky cart wheel and screaming children heralding my exit.

Check, please.

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