Monday, April 13, 2009

A Brother Abroad

Along with his Easter wishes, Paul informed us that, thanks to all the thoughtful care packages, he now has a three month supply of coffee.

I consider that a challenge for the next care package....I've got to get creative!

In other news, a special shout out to the Navy SEALS for rescuing the Captain and sending a stern message to pirates everywhere....arrrghhhhh!!

Not to make light of the whole thing, but my brother Mike told me the SEALS were swimming under the boat the whole time....and he should know; one of his last deployments a few years back had him on the Barbary Coast patrolling pirates (he flies the Seahawk) and when I would tell people that, they would always say, "Oh yeah? And what does he plan to do with all that booty?"

Funny, yes; but no one believed me when I told them that there's a problem with pirates. Now, I feel vindicated (and a little more certain as to where O is picking up her latest vernacular).

Aye, matey!

This is Day 79.

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Samantha said...

The rescue story was pretty spectacular indeed; yesterday's article in our paper chronicled alot of what the SEALs did, and today's outlined the precision of the snipers that shot the three pirates. Pretty amazing stuff.