Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Votes Are In...

Aside from two votes for "dining out" from people who most likely do not parent little kids, the overwhelming majority admitted to splurging on things they don't really need at the money vacuum known as Target.

I too have a problem.

First, the store used to be the best place for bargain pricing meets trendy versions, but now the prices have risen a bit.

Second, I cannot help but meander down aisles for which I have no premeditated need only to find an uncontrollable desire to possess a bamboo toothbrush holder or candle holder shaped like a tree.

Third, I have this sneaking suspicion that Target, much like the casinos, pumps some kind of scent in through the vents which stimulates lesser known home decorating endorphins.

Finally, I am totally buying stock in Target.

As for the new poll, I am super curious to see what people have to say......

1 comment:

Amy M. said...

It totally has a scent. It smells like a clean version of a carnival, kind of like Disney World. Why do you think otherwise normal people parade around in mouse-eared caps? It's the smell. Just like Target where I always buy uncomfortable shoes in the wrong size and flower vases with not only fake flowers, but fake water too. I even bought a monokini (sp?) there once, which I promptly returned. The smell made me do it. Go Saints!