Monday, March 16, 2009

Profile of a Poet

A new take on Monday's old "Profile of a Parent", the English teacher in mean feels the need to exploit this fourm a bit and take some time for poetry. Though many of us don't fill our days pouring of books of verse, poetry is all around us; it is in nursery rhymes, commercial jingles, and in that perfect moment when your child starts singing their very own song.

This week's poet: Walt Whitman

Claimed by Camden, Whitman was actually born in Long Island and singing the streets of New York before heading to the mid-Atlantic. In truth, however, his voice went beyond state lines, and reverberated the voice of a nation as well as the most primal of human emotions.

He is also, arguably, our nation's finest poet.

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Chris F said...

I shall honor Mr. Whitman today by partaking of his bridge. Twice.