Friday, March 20, 2009

The Latest Episodes in Paper Dolls

Our newest game using paper dolls involves Cinderella and her prince -- on ice.

Cinderella does an exotic skate with the royal heart-throb before skating off with dramatic flair announcing, "You're a great skater, see ya later!", all while losing one of her glass ice skates.

He then is directed to try to fit the glass ice skate on all the minor characters (including the coachman and Bruno the dog), before all but giving up hope. Just as he starts to head back to the castle, Cinderella reappears and allows a fitting.

They then kiss, dance, and ride off to Chuck E. Cheese.

We played this 28 times yesterday and if I at all drifted from the established dialogue, I would feel the heat of the director's stare.

At least there was no eye rolling....yet.


Samantha said...

Where do you buy your paper dolls? Katy got a set of American Girl paper dolls from her Nana and Papa for Christmas, and judging by their popularity, I'm sure more would be much loved. I feel like I don't see them much, though!

One Maid A' Milking said...

They are hard to find and so I tend to grab then when I see them....and they're always in random places like Kmart, Craft stores (Michael's, AC Moore), Target (I think) and even Kohls.

Santa brought her a book of the princesses and 500 dresses and we have yet to exhaust the fun.....

I'll let you know exactly where I see them next time I see them.

One Maid A' Milking said...

This is the one I have and you can get it at Barnes & Noble. B&N also has kits with stickers and magnets, but these are cheap and easy....