Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scenes From a Mall

As I exploited every moment my mom was here, which included a trip to the mall for a picture with the man(?), the myth, the legend: the Easter Bunny.

First, the highlights:

1) He was not ghetto. (i.e. His fur wasn't matted, discolored, or put together in patches). I did not need to completely sanitize my children after the "shoot".

2) No one cried. In fact, my little man said, "Bye, bye" and "Ank Ew" (translation: thank you), after we were done.

3) The picture actually had both children smiling.

4) The mall was all but empty.

5) I may have done my part in stimulating the economy just a bit....hello, Gymbucks!

The Lowlights:

1) How does anyone work at Abercrombie or Hollister without chronic migraines??? Between the blasting music and the overwhelming cologne that manages to wilt the poorly located Annie Ann's pretzels, I don't know how people last in there. Am I officially old?

2) There was no crying during the Easter bunny shoot, everyone smiled, and Joseph said "Ank Ew" because they were bribed with lollipops on promises of Easter basket treasures untold.

3) I was once again reminded that, although the choices for little girls fashion are endless, there is NOTHING I like for the little men.

4) We found the deal of the century on O's Easter dress, and then I spent the same amount on ladybug flip flops. Priorities, people.


Samantha said...

Totally feel the same way about Abercrombie et al... I actually refer to it as "Club Abercrombie" when I'm at the mall. The scent of cheap perfume coupled with the loud music and pulsing bass is almost too much to bear, and that's just as I walk past. Couldn't imagine working there!

One Maid A' Milking said...

It is the worst! There have to be some health codes put into place....awfulness.