Monday, March 23, 2009

My Favorite Times of Any Given Weekday

1) That first sip of coffee

2) That kiss goodbye when dropping O off at school

3) Taking Joseph to gym class for rare one-on-one time

4) Doing anything that makes them laugh uncontrollably

5) The quiet moments after lunch when their bellies are full and their heads are full with sleep. This is the best time O and Joseph play together while I clean up.

6) Doing a craft with O while Joseph is still sleeping and then calling Grandpa Mahony to tell him all about it.

7) Cuddling with Joseph right after he wakes up from his nap (before everyone starts to whine for snacks, outside, dinner, television, etc.)

8) Running around outside like maniacs. Their energy is transcendent.

9) Listening to O sing....especially when she doesn't know I'm listening.

10) When Joseph gets down on his tummy to "read" a book, elbows bent and brows furrowed.

11) The minute Daddy walks in the door.

12) After dinner walks when the weather is nice.

13) Pre-dinner or post-dinner dance party...whether it's "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" or Jack Johnson, it's hysterical.

14) The post-bath smell....there is nothing better.

15) The bedtime routine of books, prayers, and lullaby.

16) A glass of wine at night's end and an actual conversation with my husband.

17) That nano second between my head hitting the pillow and complete coma time.

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