Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Watch American Idol: Feel Free to Hate on Me

Matt Giraud: So good with what can easily be a super-cheese song.

Kris Allen: I love this guy....I just wish he'd quit calling me. I'm a married woman, for crying out loud!

Scott MacIntyre: A big improvement from the last two weeks, but the vocals still just aren't there.

Megan Joy: Go home.

Anoop: Not my taste in terms of lite FM, but his voice was soooo smooooth.

Michael Sarver: I actually thought the judges were too hard on him, but it still wasn't good.

Lil Rounds: Okay, but still not the vocals that blew me away early on.

Adam Lambert: I actually hate how much I liked his performance. I can't get passed the self-indulgent, self-love, but, man, he was AMAZING.

Danny Gokey: I love him. Though he doesn't strike me as a "true" artist, he would be the life of any party or wedding. Fun, talented, and always a favorite. Is he an American Idol? I want to think so, but I'm not so sure.

Allison Iraheta: ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? 16???? Still my favorite!

My Top Three Favorites:

Matt Giraud
Adam Lambert
Allison Iraheta

My Prediction for See Ya:


The Highlight of the Night: One word: mustache

And Another Thing: I never thought in a million years that I'd like Kara, the new judge (I actually want to dislike her, but that's my own little problem). HOWEVER, she gives the clearest, most helpful advice of all the judges. Focusing on good and bad, she just actually seems to think before she speaks and she's almost always right. I hate that.

Plus, she's a glaring magnifying glass for Paula's absurdity.

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