Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness Meets Motherhood

I'll admit I don't watch any college basketball until March rolls around and I try my hand at some fun-filled bracketology.

Though my choices are rarely derived from any great depth of NCAA analysis, I have a great history of doing supremely well (even taking 2nd and the resulting $300 in my husband's pool of college buddies and brokers). I make my choices based on the ebbs and flows of a state's athletics as well as various associations I have with certain schools (I have a hard time betting against BYU and the other religious universities since God is their mascot).

Also, if your school's state has experienced a national're out!

Needless to say, my bracket this year is HORRIBLE. I don't what happened, I usually pick the upsets and this year my picks are just upsetting.

Anyway, as I did catch a couple games this weekend, I fell in love with the following commercial as I not only identified with the woman, I also loved that her dad was the one interviewing her.

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