Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Favorite Painting

I realize that this may draw some ridicule (it isn't exactly something you'd throw on the wall in your living room), but my introduction to it came at a time when I first began to fall in love with art.

To make up for the Art class required by the NY city school board that I missed my freshman year (I moved from California where the curriculum was entirely different), I had to take art classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Can you imagine art class at the Met????

I better have gotten the best in art appreciation instruction.

Anyway, my initial resistance to giving up a year of Saturdays in a museum relented to the best education I've ever received. Thanks, Rita....wherever you are.

Anyway, back to the painting. This is Ruebens' "Venus and Adonis", depicting Venus trying everything in her power to keep Adonis from the hunt (where he would meet his demise). She begged, she cried, she disrobed, and she even had Eros trying to help....but, alas, he went......and died.

The Goddess of Love couldn't save the one mortal she chose to give her own love to.

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