Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Favorite Inside Jokes

There are a few stories shared with friends that always make me laugh out loud. They include:

John, yelling at the woman trying to windsurf despite the lack of wind. She was as still as anyone can be in the water and so John just started yelling, "Lady, SLOW DOWN! You're going too fast!"

Amy M, getting caught trying to avoid a townhouse bust, tried to sneak out a back window. She jumped right into a bush and was already to congratulate herself on her escape when she heard an amplified voice announce, "Maim, please step away from the bush".

Stacey's daughter saying something unsuitable to type on this blog. It sure was funny though.

Pete re-enacting the commercial: "I'll give you one dollar. Okay, I'll give you two dollars."

John imitating Skeeter's voice....and he can be saying anything, as long as it's the Skeeter voice.


Amy M. said...

I still have a scar on my ankle from that night!
Happy birthday!
I also love when I used to go out w/ my ex-kind-of-boyfriend and I would start to dance, flirt, etc. and he would pretend to be the voice in my head and he would say "Oh...if the The Maid could see me now!"
Do you remember that? c. 1999

Anonymous said...

I vividly remember Amy in the bush and acting like she was totally sober and that it was normal to be in the bushes!