Friday, February 27, 2009

The Little Things

Every time we visit my parents, my children look forward to a host of special treats and experiences that they only enjoy with their grandparents.

Unlimited baked goods
The train
More things to climb on
Shirley Temples
Unlimited, unconditional love and affection from people who do not give them time outs

In addition to these, my daughter also loves the cheese my mother buys. Though she will only eat slices of white American cheese at my house (no sticks, and definitely no yellow cheese), she loves the little Borden circles of cheese wrapped in red wax casing, which she unwraps with the anticipation of a much looked for gift.
So, while I hit the grocery store yesterday, it occurred to me that I should buy them as well. And I did. I casually mentioned it to O later in the day and you would have thought I was handing her a suitcase full of paper dolls.

Really.....pure excitement followed by, "Are these for me? You bought these for me? REALLY? Oh, Mommy, thank you so much!"

To be clear, she is saying all of this as she stands surrounded by a sea of toys. She is no Oliver, nor does she lack for gifts from us or any other member of the family.

But the girl was practically welling up with tears.

"Really? You got this for me??"


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