Friday, September 12, 2008

Week In Review

The Top 5 Things I Learned This Week

5) Despite their perfectly pink leotard and tutu with their dainty little ballet shoes, despite their adorable little scamper as they excitedly enter the studio, despite their sweet little plie and jete, when you try to put a bun in their hair....the animal within reveals itself.

4) Nothing quite ruins a week (or a fantasy football season) like a philandering football player with a bum knee.

3) Pre-school homework is not a reflection of you, your home, or your abilities as a parent. She is only 3, she is only 3, she is only 3......

2) Whether it's food, money, or just an old dress you'd never wear again anyway, nothing feels better than doing something for a stranger in need.

And, of course, putting all levity aside....

1) Let us never let go of the memories of "where you were when", the images of planes without peaceful pilots, and the hope that even amid threats, divisive politics, and revisionist histories, a nation can hold onto its spirit, it solemnity, and its freedom.

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