Monday, September 8, 2008

Growing and Growing

Now that we are officially into the second week of preschool, I consider myself a more seasoned parent.

I feel more confident managing the morning rush to ensure she is neatly dressed, well fed, and drained of all "bladdery" fluids. I think I can do this....and she loves it.

But as goes everything with parenting, once you get comfortable, they enter a new phase.

This week class!!

Well, "Pre-Dance" as the Academy designates it. It is a formal introduction to ballet, jazz, tap, and expressive movement (I'm not sure what they mean by "expressive movement" but it better not include a poll). The class is also designated for the littlest dancers and so I may just explode from all the cuteness I am certain is coming my way.

The preparation for class was more than a little involved as specific directions for leotards, ballet shoes, and tap shoes were disseminated, leading us all to rush around and compare interpretations to make sure we got everything right. We also have to make sure their hair is firmly pulled back with no fly aways, which means "expressive wrestling" will also be introduced as I attempt to finagle a bun on someone who hates anything having to do with well groomed hair.

Parenting truly is life's great experiment.

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Abbie, Paul, Drew and Charlotte's Web said...

Love it love it love it! Abbie has been involved with ballet on and off for 10 or 11 years with a few breaks, she also has participated in jazz, tap, gymnastics and "musical theater". Ballet has been her "niche". We now have to buy pointe shoes at $110/pair. Woo-Hoo! Have fun! The little ballerinas always bring tears to my eyes when they are on stage for their first recital, focused on the teacher in the wings as they attempt to take first position and plie. Good luck with the bun.