Monday, September 8, 2008

And the Last Post About Tom Brady....

In the 2007, Tom Brady abandoned his pregnant girlfriend to go galivanting around the globe with the tackiest supermodel on the planet, Gisele Bungeon (Do you believe it is actually written in her contract that she will not accept dollars, only euros? Ugh).

In 2008, he loses the Superbowl to the typically talentless Giants in what many consider to be the upset of the century. Then, he begins the season by tearing his ACL.

What's that word? I think it rhymes with blarma....and I also think I hear Lawyer Boy weeping somewhere far, far away.

Hmmm.....I knew I shouldn't have drafted him.


Lawyerboy said...

I'll admit. It hurts (although no lamps were thrown into Christmas trees this time like they were following the phantom clip during Rocket Ismail's run-back in 1989). Matthew Cassell (a name no one named "Giselle" would ever date), however, has inherited a stock car. I could quarterback that offense to 8 wins (he says boldly, and a bit sophomorically). My nausea right now is greatly tempered by enjoying the Yankees *#&*@ all over themselves. They look like my son on the playground after eating a bowl of grapes. The poop is just running down their legs, into their shoes, all over the mulch, etc., etc.

One Maid A' Milking said...

As the Grand Pooh Bah of this little site, I certainly have the power to ax all comments that contain "objectionable content"; however, given the wonderfully accurate portrayal of a certain fan base, I am letting Lawyerboy's ramblings remain. Such compelling visual, scatological imagery could only be generated by someone who's witnessed his favorite team in the depths of it for decades and decades and decades. Oh, and are you sure that was your son at the park, or the former poster boy of said team in his typically groomed ensemble?
-Queen of Rambling