Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quick Question

I know there are more than a few seasoned mothers who stop by from time to time, and so I guess this is directed at you....

Is there ever a point when you're not exhausted?

Sometimes I hit a big lull in the late afternoon, but more times than not I am foggy from 11 AM on...and I wish I had more energy to really do better with the mom stuff (playing, engaging, really interacting).

On another tangent, does anyone know how to self-administer caffeine through an IV drip?


The Management


Abbie, Paul, Drew and Charlotte's Web said...

You'll eventually get used to it, or not. If you feel that you are more exhausted than you should be, you might want to visit the MD to see if you are anemic??? I find a late morning cup of coffee or 2 cups of green tea with lunch seem to help.

As far as the caffeine IV drip goes, well, can you say sepsis?

Amanda said...

dude, I'm totally am with ya. Maybe they can build a caffeine bar, kind of like an oxygen bar. But it's a drive through because we all know how much of a pain it is to get the kids out of the car.

Samantha said...

I don't know that it does end... I'm now going through a fresh round of it as I try to become accustomed to getting everyone out the door in time to meet the school bus. For me, getting a good night's sleep helps immensely, which is a challenge, as I tend to be a night owl and enjoy the evening as time to myself. Also, keeping active in the mid-afternoon hours and not sitting idle is key. I salute all you working moms out there; I know my job is hard, and I feel sometimes that I barely pull it off despite it being my main responsibility right now! I don't know how those that work outside the home AND do everything I do manage without falling asleep while standing up!