Monday, September 29, 2008


As many of you know, Debbie the Great has been mentioned more than a few times on my blog (check her out HERE and HERE), and this latest post further validates her greatness.

Debbie, along with a few of her greatest, coffee loving cohorts, has organized a group to participate in the annual Susan G. Korman 3 Day Cancer Walk. "Mugs for Jugs", as her team is named, has not only committed itself to raising awareness by taking part in this grueling event, but has also committed themselves to raising the astounding entry fee required for participation ($11,000 for the team).

As of today, they are closing in on their financial goal, but are still in need of support!! can donate to their team HERE, or if you prefer, you can join me and a bunch of other winos at the Swedes Inn in Swedesboro this Wednesday night at 7 PM for a very special fundraiser. The maids of Mugs will be "guest bartending" with all tips going to their efforts.

If you'd think you'd like to enjoy a girls night out while supporting such an important cause, feel free to email me for directions. Also, if you want to take advantage of a designated driver, I am sending out an open invite to my house for a ride to the esteemed watering hole.

Thanks, in advance, for any consideration you can give!!!!

Shout out to Jugs everywhere......

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