Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Votes Are In....

Though I am in no way wishing time away when it comes to my children's youth (the approach of pre-school has sent me into panic attacks), but there are some things we all wish would speed along in terms of the learning process.

Number one on the list: Cause and Effect. Let's see, if you refuse to put your coat on, we cannot go to the park. The sooner you go to bed, the sooner morning will come and we can go to the zoo. If you eat paint, you're going to get sick. And, of course, if you do not brush your teeth....meet the dentist.

Number two: Long term consequences. Similar to cause and effect, long term consequences are just incomprehensible threats to little ones who can not yet fathom that if they do not play well, people will not want to play with them. If they only eat macaroni and cheese, their body will not be able to sustain all the fun they may want to have. And if they do not stop throwing tantrums, eventually their mother's hair will fall out and, consequently, they'll be teased at school for having a weird mom with a nervous tic (though, that may be short term effect for some....)

Number three: Nutrition and time. Clearly, the merits of tofu and soy may be lost on the average, adolescent eater, but wouldn't it be nice if they enjoyed an Asian flavored salmon, or some steamed asparagus with almond slivers? Moreover, when it comes to time and the need to occasionally hurry, why must a toy that they have ignored for months suddenly become interesting as you are just about to ealk out the door? Diaper blowouts, potty needs, spilled sippy cups, and the like all seem to cosmically come together just when you are trying to get to a timed destination....this is so frustrating and so where I put my own vote.

Number four: Ahhh...hygiene. Whether your child resists a bath, a toothbrush, or a kleenex, hygiene is something that works until it loses its newness. This ongoing struggle to stay clean and well kept is common among little kids, and downright disgusting once they hit the 7th grade. Don't believe me? Search out your local middle school...an easy task if you know how to rely on your olfactory senses and are great at holding your breath.

On to the next poll.....

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