Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Great Toy

Having been introduced to "Hyper Dash" by the lovely Debbie Braig, I now feel compelled to buy her something really pretty.

Here's why: This new game (available at Target & Toys R' Us), is appropriate for toddlers and tweens as it combines knowledge of colors, speed, and healthy competition. Basically, the game consists of a small joystick and six small, colored disks. The disks are placed around a room (placement can establish difficulty levels) and play begins with the joystick calling out colors, which you then have to run to and touch with the joystick.

It's great becasue:
1) It reinforces colors for early learners
2) It is a great way to get kids moving indoors
3) Each player's run is timed, to make for some healthy competition
4) Depending on how far apart you place the disks and the level of game you choose, even adults can compete (though alcohol really helps with the fun).
5) High energy requirements = good naps

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ChocoPig said...

Following in the footsteps of Hyper Dash are new games Hyper Jump (remvoes the joystick and has kids use their bodies to jump on/tag targets) and Animal Scramble (a pre-school version of Hyper Dash that calls out animal characteristics instead of colors and numbers). These new games come out in September. Enjoy!