Monday, July 14, 2008

The Threes....

I have been the mother of a 3 year old for a little more than a month now and I am already prepared to share some observations.

1) The number of tantrums and meltdowns, at home or in public, have decreased significantly.

2) The reason for #1 is directly realted to the fact that 3 year olds discover a far better tool in which to incite their parents' ire: backtalk.

I don't know if I am alone in this, but as far as I can see, my 3 year old realized at some point (probably on the floor in an aisle of any one of our favorite stores) that the art of sass is not only more effective, but more fun.

Yes, oneriness is an art form that my daughter is already well on her way to mastering.

"The answer is no," is her favorite line, followed by the ever faithful, "I said yes", "No, no, no", and "I will not!". She has also feigned deafness and a host of other tricks, all resulting in more gray hairs than my hairdresser can keep up with.

And what is the most interesting part about these evaluations? Almost all of these lovely responses are taken directly from her Mommy Dearest.

Of all the things I've taught her....

Needless to say, I just keep repeating one thing to make myself feel better for the short-term...."I still have a decade until she's 13, I still have a decade until she's 13...".


Samantha said...

Ah, Christine, I sympathize so, and I also thank God that I'm not alone. :)

Abbie, Paul, Drew and Charlotte's Web said...

It's true...3s are when children discover back gets a little worse when they turn 4, (expanding vocab and snottiness) and magically retrieves when kindergarten starts...most of the time.

Now, since I'm on the brink of having a 13 year old daughter, the art of reasoning has come into play. I pick my battles. It's actually not that bad...YET. (I'm not naive, I know what's coming) She doesn't back talk very often, it's all about the facial expressions,all of which have cost her some time away from the tv, the computer and ipod. Now, when age 16 rolls around, I might be moving to the farm with the Milk Maid!