Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dr. Oz Strikes Again

So, not only am I starting to like the taste of walnuts (really), I have successfully sabotaged my first unsuspecting friend.

I do have two support partners in the Oz Project, the sensational Stacey and the fabulous Nurse Julie...but today, I took advantage of a visit by Amanda in the trenches to use innocent bystanders as my guinea pigs.

On the menu: Boca Meatless Spicy Chicken Patties.

I yummy sounding.

We ate while trying to manage four children, paints, and the blaring lyrics of Annie and, like only a true friend would, she thanked me for the meal.

Though the term "meal" may be used loosely, let this serve as a warning to anyone planning a visit to the D'Alessandro Ranch......No one is safe from the Wizard of Oz.


Amanda said...

Thanks again for lunch today. By the way the pattie was 3 Weight Watchers points. Not bad. I'm putting them on my shopping list.

Melissa said...

These things rule - I've been eating them for years :)