Thursday, March 13, 2008

Imagine That!!!

If you are like so many moms I know, getting rid of those last few pounds after pregnancy is often a real struggle. It seems like you have a baby and, wham, a week later you’ve lost 18 pounds and are patting yourself on the back for a job well done. Now you just have 20 or so more pounds to go. As the weeks roll by, the weight continues to drop, at a slightly slower pace, but you are still enjoying weight loss with little or no real effort (especially if you are nursing).

Then it happens: the plateau. You are ten or more pounds from your goal weight, so close to fitting into your favorite jeans, and it seems everything has just stopped. You cut back on some of the bad habits you felt no need to kick leading up to this point. You’d even consider exercising if you didn’t feel like you’d already run a marathon at the end of each day—a decathlon if you have older children. You’re left to ponder your next move as the thought of actually having to do something for yourself strikes you as a new concept.

So, you ruminate over diet programs, weight loss fads, and even a gym membership---

and then you laugh out loud because, well, that’s just funny.

I’ve mentioned I used Jenny Craig to lose those loitering LBs, and I’m now in a Fitness Club to try and firm up a bit, but I am so upset with Parenting magazine for not unearthing this groundbreaking discovery sooner.

That’s right, the brain trust that is Parenting magazine has just published an article with the best solution to losing weight. Prepare yourselves for this one…it’s really something.

The answer: sleep.

That’s right, you silly moms. Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise in losing weight. Wow! And they even have research to validate their Nobel Prize worthy discovery. Apparently, moms who average five hours a day or less of sleep are three times more likely to “retain pounds” after the first year of pregnancy.

Now, I wonder why that is?? Hmmmm…..Are you telling me that sleep deprivation will make me not so eager to do jumping jacks? Feeling constantly hung over isn’t the best state of mind for squats? It all makes sense!

Thanks Parenting magazine. I was absolutely lost until now…and tired

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