Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fun Predictions...

If you know my husband and I personally, you know that we are proof that opposites attract. I enjoy reading Shakespeare, while his last book was The Corporate Athlete. He can explain every economic theory every developed, while I maintain the very usable talent of identifying meter in a line of poetry. He has the great ability to assess a situation and offer a thoughtful, pragmatic solution, while my emotions take over and I resort to drastic measures. Finally, I pack a car like it’s a military reconnaissance mission, and he, well, makes it work…even if my son travels with a cosmetic bag on his lap.

We do, however, share some obvious physical characteristics, making others question where in the world our Italian last name came from. One thing we do not share, however, is our height. He towers over most people, while I have to pinch people’s knees to get some attention. This leads me to wonder: will my children share his elevated stature, or my likeness to Thumbelina?

Well, apparently there is now a way to get a good estimate predicting your child’s ultimate height. Not exactly based on any credible scientific formula, you can get a rough idea by factoring your child’s gender and the child’s parents’ height….Earth shattering.

Though by no means do I think this is at all reasonable…it sure is fun to do. See what they predict for your child at:

AND, of course, shout out to all the little people who I love (and make me feel taller): Stacey, Becks, Kelly and everyone else flirting with 5 feet.

***BTW: I was going to post a picture of the world's tallest man shaking hands with the world's smallest man, but the picture actually scared me. I can't imagine the nightmares I'll have....I still haven't recovered from Kenny Rogers.

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