Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Votes Are In...

Clearly a testament to her "everywoman" demeanor, as well as the natural, loving care she shows for daughter, Violet, Jennifer Garner was chosen by half of voters as the mother they'd most like to befriend. Paparrazzi have captured countless images of mother and child at play on the swings, enjoying a stroll through the farmer's market, and always, it seems, happy and smiling. How much do you have to pay to see this two year old throw a good old fashioned temper tantrum!? At least it would help to confirm their appearance of being a normal family. I do suspect, however, that a few mother's desire to capitalize on the chance to hang out with Ben may have also weighed heavy on their choice.....hmmmmm.

Following far behind was Reese Witherspoon who also seems pseudo-normal and may have garnered support from the yoga crowd.

Also far behind, Heidi Klum came in third as another mom whose devotion to her children does not seem so staged, as revealed through her constant face painting and trips to the local parks.

My own choice, Jenny McCarthy, who'd would probably be a ton of laughs (especially if accompanied by her man, Jim Carrey) barely edged out Brittney Spears by one vote...something I am having a very hard time digesting.

AND who is the knucklehead who picked Ms. Spears?? Of the wiseacres I know who voted, those whose name rhymes with Smeckee and Sleannie are the likely suspects.

So...on to next week's vote!

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