Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another year of glamour

So, today is my birthday and, though I wasn’t going to mention it at first, the most monumental birthday gift has arrived in my lap and I felt I needed to share.

The day began like any other: wiping bottoms, cleaning spit up, and reading Horton Hatches an Egg three thousand times (it’s the book of the moment). Though I did have a little excitement when I had my dental check-up, all in all, a pretty normal day (and no I’m not complaining). I do believe my life as a mommy is most certainly, to borrow from Fergilicious,


And you thought I was going to talk about my lovely lady lumps….shame on you.

Needless to say, my family spoiled me with well wishes, wonderful gifts, and everything I would hope to have on this special day. Since it isn’t a national holiday (the US government apparently didn’t get my memo), it has been calm, nice, and, well, a happy birthday.

But then I got the gift. That’s right…I put the kiddies to bed, settled down in front of my laptop, and there it was: what I’ve been waiting for.

Apparently, someone got a hold of J. Lo’s baby registry and posted it on the net. Now, you all know how much I love Jenny girl, especially given her affinity for altruism, but this just took the literal birthday cake.

How will she spend that $6 million deal with People magazine? Probably on something very modest. Check out an excerpt:

Cashmere cardigan, hat and booties - $279 each

A box of onesies - $169 each
Chelsea sleigh cribs - $1390 each
Glam Gliders - $1420 each
Changing table - $1780
Italian leather and snake skin diaper bag - $1250

I wonder how the block feels about this one???

Happy Birthday to me…..

**** And one side note on Fergie: if my husband ever refers to a part of my body as a "lump", you can be certain he'll soon be getting one of his own.

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