Monday, February 25, 2008

Snip, Snip

Had I known what I was in store for, I may have rethought how my family and I were to spend our Sunday…and done something other than have my toddler receive her first haircut.

There were a few tears, lots of bribing, and, in the end, a lovely certificate that crystallized the entire experience: “First Haircut, Survived by Olivia and her parents.”

For others, however, survival came at a greater price. Though most of the kids at Kids Kuts (a hair salon devoted to all things children), were well mannered, there was one little boy whose reaction to having his hair trimmed mirrored someone experiencing an amputation, or worse (and more accurately) disembowelment.

He cried, he thrashed, he turned five different shades of crimson, and nothing, not even a fuzzy lollipop, could assuage the little malcontent. But here’s the rub: with all this drama, his mother was the one who actually seemed more pained. She uttered threats, stared anxiously at us, the other parents, and glared at him with absolute disgust.

So, to that mother, let me just say this: let him have his fit, it’s only a moment amid so many others. No one is judging you, deploring him, or doing anything other than secretly sighing with relief that their child is not the one making a scene (this time).

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