Monday, June 1, 2009

A Princess Party

In celebration of O's 4th Birthday party, she requested that we include Ariel and a few of her closest females under 3 feet. It was fun, and hysterical (I don't know how Ariel does it...given the seashells and fin), and I have learned some very valuable lessons from this year's installment of O's birthday party:

The Top 5 Lessons:

5) If you're going to host a little girl party, expect lots of squeals and shrieks of delight, sprinkled with lots of tears too....oh, the female drama.

4) Bubbles are soooooo 3 years old.

3) If you want to get any males involved in a Princess Party (they'll normally defer to the women with this theme), opt for Ariel or Jasmine as your princess of choice....

2) Don't even bother with a battle over an actual won't happen. I think O had popcorn, lemonade, and cake fore dinner.

1) Even with a scaled down affair, expect stressing over every little thing (enough food, appropriate favors, etc.) until the last minute no matter how many lists you make or pre-party prep you do.


Amy M. said...

Ariel? I am starting to think you are running a red-headed cult. Happy B'day Olivia! Looks like she actually hasn't gained much weight since the day she was born!

Meg (MU) said...