Friday, January 16, 2009

He's A Manly Eater

While I am in a constant struggle to get my daughter to eat something other than hot dogs (I buy the Applegate Farms organic, uncured, all beef, nitrate free ones....but they're still hot dogs), my son's insatiable appetite has forced us to consider a special budget just for the grocery store.


What's more, whenever we find ourselves at someone else's home, he actually seeks out their refrigerator and hangs on the door, grunting until we address his demands. It's really unbelievable. He even shouts out me when he finishes his meal first (which he always does) so that I'll surrender some of my own food. Salads, stews, and even quesadillas send him salivating....I fear for the teenage years.

To make matters worse, he seems to have a rather refined palet. For him there will be no easy, convenient, limit mess Chef Boyardee, no Easy Mac, and certainly nothing frozen for the microwave. No, he demands real meatballs in real sauce in real time.

A great example of this came at Christmas when the little pilferer swiped a huge slice of ham from my plate while I was politely passing the green bean caserole. Alerted by his snarfling (yes, it's a word) I turned to find him chomping away on a slice bigger than his own head (which we've already established is considerable....shout out to the 95 percentile!).

Compared to his sister, this is definitely new territory to me. And, no, it's not a growth spurt....the boy just loves to eat.

Want proof?

If you ask most kids to identify the sound a cow makes, they'll offer up some version of a "moo".

My little guy just licks his lips.

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