Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The New Revolution

A few months ago, I blogged about some concerns I had over my darling daughter and the influence of the morally questionable, Ms. Hannigan.

She was repeating innuendos, threatening to "kill, kill, kill!", and, had a not pretended to lose the Annie DVD, pretty close to mixing gin during her tubby time. After the phase worked itself out, however, I patted myself on the back for guiding my daughter through the onslaught of objectionable material and was more than prepared to declare victory in the battle of Innocence Preservation.

And then there was Happy Feet. If you have yet to watch this animated gem, you really must make the time. The soundtrack is fantastic, the one liners hysterical, and the whole movie is further evidence that these family films are as much for the adults as they are the kids.

Or, maybe too adult.

Thanks to the incorporation of a certain Prince song, my daughter is now walking around the house singing:

"You don't have to be beautiful.....UH.......to turn me on........OW.......I just need your body baby.....HELLO.......from dusk til dawn".

Her dad is securing the bars on her bedroom window presently.

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