Thursday, October 23, 2008

About Saints Day

Since two people inquired as to why All Saints Day is one of the things that engenders the most happiness for me, I figured an explanation was in order.

Though I thought I had already blogged about this, my fine alma mater used to have this fantastic tradition of secretly selecting one spring day to cancel all classes, bring in a ton of carnival like festivities (a la Grease...without the fun kids can't be trusted), and even a pretty esteemable band and declare a campus wide holiday known as Saints Day.

No one knew about it, professors nor students, and trying to figure out which day in May it might be was almost as fun as the day itself. Saints Day would typically be declared by the playing of bagpipes throughout the campus and everything went crazy from there on out.

A great traditition, indeed.

So great, in fact, two alums who happened to find themselves married, keep the tradition alive by randomly declaring Saints Days in their own home. Daddy will throw aside his ties, Mommy will pretend everyone is still asleep even if a little 3 year old is jumping on her head, and the day will be a random holiday with not pressing itinerary.

Feel free to steal our tradition for your own family....a veritable snow day for the grown ups.


Anonymous said...

Great idea!! I always loved Saints Day (even when I had to take a break and get some stitches). Do you have inflatables for your kids on this day??


One Maid A' Milking said...

Only if the inflatables incorporate some sort of velcro suit....

Anonymous said...

Even though I was injuryed bouncy boxing was a hit!!!