Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Challenge....I Think

So I've been a kicking around an idea for some time now related to the election. As it were, I sometimes get so caught up in the "epicness" of it, that I just want to shout at people I see on the news and news programs.

Then I find myself judging others, weighing my own fundamentals, and feeling confused all the same.

So here it is....since I always wanted this to be a forum for parents to share silly stories and serious concerns, I must face the fact that (as much as I want to avoid delving into the present political drama that is completely inescapable) this election has a great deal to do with our children and their future.

THE CHALLENGE: Realizing that everyone is busy and that writing isn't fun for everyone, I am proposing a challenge for any one who may read this. TELL ME in 100 words or less (not easy) why you are choosing your respective candidate for the next presidency of the United States. This can be completely anonymous, so long as it is completely sincere.

I know this may turn into a whole lot of nothing, or something more enlightening than I'd hope.

Either way....that's the challenge. Send it to me at dalessandrochristine@gmail.com and all names will be withheld.

Oh, and let me know if, at any point, this election has caused you to bang your head against anything....just so I know I'm not alone.


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