Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Votes Have Been in for Some Time

Yes, I have been neglecting our recent vote since I am so shocked that such a great majority would have their children stumble instead of endure the occasional pimple. I'm guessing this outcome has more to do with the already difficult times provided by puberty and less to do with the physical annoyance.

I hate pimples, but nothing feels worse in my heart than seeing them fall, their little faces crumble with tears, and the ever present feelings of guilt over how I may have prevented the latest disaster.

I am guessing, however, that the inevitable heartache caused by teen rejection, bullying, and ostracism will feel a lot worse when I have to witness that as well. For that reason, maybe I'll hate pimples even more.

On to the next vote....of less serious consequence...hehehe.

BTW.....Only one challenge has been submitted....if I don't get some soon, I am going to turn to my list of Tastefully Simple invitees who failed to attend and exact that revenge I promised: making up fake political statements with your name on it.

Therefore, in 100 words or less, send a brief argument as to whom you're voting for and why to:

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