Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Retraction...Sort of.

Obviously an avid reader of my blog, Dennis Leary was so concerned about the possibility of losing Amy M. as a viewer of his hit show that he is encouraging people not to get upset over one snippet taken out of context. He encourages us all to buy and read it for ourselves, specifically the chapter "Autism Schmautism," where the quotes were taken from. He goes on to say:

"I not only support the current rational approaches to the
diagnoses and treatment of real autism but have witnessed it firsthand while
watching very dear old friends raise a functioning autistic child. The point of
the chapter is not that autism doesn't exist - it obviously does - and I have
nothing but admiration and respect for parents dealing with the issue, including
the ones I know. The bulk of the chapter deals with grown men who are either
self-diagnosing themselves with low-level offshoots of the disease or wishing
they could as a way to explain their failed careers and troublesome

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