Friday, October 17, 2008

The First Field Trip: PART II

So by "pajama" pants, I mean my black yoga pants that have never, ever seen a yoga pose (or any exercise for that matter) and serve as the comfiest pants to sleep in. They are black, a little more form fitting than I'd typically don, and bore only some evidence of the morning's breakfast.

Here's the point: when it comes to outings, there are those moms who could care less about fashion (if it's clean and comfortable, it's gold) and those moms who care about it very much (shout out to the mom wearing peep toed a pumpkin patch). Anyway, I had a cute, tailored flannel top on as my own little nod to the "crisp Seattle weather", and some comfortable flats that also looked cute and convenient for a farm. So, when I forgot to put on the jeans waiting for me in the dryer, I had sabotaged one of my rare attempts to look a little more than unremarkable.

Oh well.

To the fields we went where the ultimate school bus adventure awaited my daughter. Now, for those of you who don't know her, she is pretty independent and so I knew riding the bus with her teachers (without me) would be fine and fun all the same. But as her little brother and I waited in the car to follow the bus, I cannot deny feeling a little pain in my heart over the sight of her skipping along happily with Ms. Jackie, as the other boys and girls held hands with their respective mommies. I was definitely missing out on something.

When we arrived at the farm, here's what I didn't miss out on:

1) The smell of farm animals

2) The feel of hay getting stuck in those cute flats I chose

3) The harrowing feat of keeping track of two kids on a wobbly hayride, while also appearing to be the "with it" mom who has absolutely no problem doing it.

4) The potties and their smell (consider the typical public restroom and combine it with the first item on the list).

5) Crazy kids. Everywhere. There were 4-5 other schools there, which meant keeping an eye on my own two amid a sea of crazed children.

6) Pumpkins. Yes, pumpkins. Which means, two kids (one I carried for most of the time), a backpack for snacks, diapers, and any host of emergencies that would certainly happen if I were not prepared), a million other kids and one big pumpkin.

By 11 o'clock, I needed a nap, a drink, or an inventive combination of both.
One straight jacket, please.

****Oh, and the above image was taken from a family trip to pick apples at a local farm. This was a much more manageable experience as my husband accompanied us.

You didn't actually think I would have managed to also take pictures at the pumpkin patch?

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